Thursday, July 29, 2010

Publications, Modelar No 7, July 2010, "Afternoon chat" vignette

Yet another post under the Publications label. Along with the gallery in august issue of MMI, my article about creating the polish noblemen vignette appeared in july issue of czech Modelar magazine. Many thanks goes to Jindrich Sterbacek for publishing the article.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Publications, Military Modelcraft Int. Vol 14, No 10, August 2010 - Readers' Gallery

A gallery of my works was published in the recent (August) issue of Military Modelcraft Int. Before the Tiger article is ready David Grummit, the editor of this fine magazine, offered me to publish a compilation of some of my recent works, and here it is. Many thanks goes to David and rest of the MMI crew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dealing with old stuff

Recently I have been quiet but that's not because I'm lazy but because besides the Tigergrab project I focused on finishing old stuff that should be finished long time ago. First of all I finally made up my mind about the layout of the soviet Pz IV scene. The crew along with some partisan guys will be exchanging information about the movements of German forces in the nearby area.

The second thing is that I also made up the decission how the Ostfront taxi scene should look like and here it is, a disabled SU 76, knocked just after it reached the bank of a river and a Pz rolling down the road trying to cross the very same river the SU did. Simple but it suits my sense of composition.

A lot to be done in these two projects, lots of figures to be sculpted and lots of fun about it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tigergrab, 503 sPz.Abt., Potash 1944, Part 3

Ok, so I worked on the weathering and completed the white wash. The tank on the photo has its camouflage in pretty good condition so I didn't want to make it completety washed. The most annoying part were the tracks, to blacken the friuls I used a homemade mixture of vinegar and domestos but it didn't work as I expected so after this I painted the tracks with tamiya nato black and after this secured them with a layer of tamiya smoke. Vallejo pigments were used. I still need to fix three torsion bar arms that were haning from the hull were the missing wheels were. More weathering will follow just after I paint some micro scratches on the exposed parts of the tank, like the barrel, cupola, turret bin and engine deck. A full article about this model will be published in Military Modelcraft Int. later this year.