Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preparations for Scale Model Challange 2011

Experiencing lack of time during 2011 for new subjects I collected a bunch of recently painted and sculpted figures that I'd like to display in Eindhoven's Scale Model Challange modelling show. And I must say that this isn't all that I want to take with me there. There are two more figures in the process of painting and hopefully I'll manage to rush the process until October.
This will be my first visit to SMC because last year the plans complicated a bit unfortunately. Moreover I'll be doing some judging in figure cathegories there. A photo report will follow shortly after I'll return from Eindhoven on October the 3rd.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Worker Militiaman, Stalingrad, Barrikady plant, 1942

Today next figure completed, this time a Worker Militiaman from a Militia Battalion comprised of workers from the factories located in Stalingrad. Speeding up for Scale Model Challange in Eindhoven? Maybe, but I find it very enjoying painitng all the longwaited projects that were sculpted months or even years ago. This figure was painted using Vallejos and a bit of oil transparent layers were added too. The figure is planned for a factory ruin vignette, see photos below and enjoy! Again I decided to use sharp contrasts between the colors to emphasies them and to enhance details of the figure. The rifle strap was made using lead foil.

Monday, September 12, 2011

British Tommies, Italy 1944

I have finished this pair of british troopers from the Italian soil. I find it a very educating experience paitnting british khaki uniforms. Lots of lighter shades were used mostly beige and sand colors.
Hope you like it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

British Tommy - Italy '1944, getting things done

Today, after a long absence I present my recent works, two british/commonwealth trooperas from the StuG dio project dating few years back. Now I'm dealing with figure paintjob and the diorama itself will be soon finished as it will appear in one of new modelling books. More info to follow later this year.
The first Tommi is nearly completed, needs some tweaks and weathering.

The second figure I sculpted back in early 2010 is available now from Adalbertus for couple of months. I will post more pictures from the paintwork process soon.