Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tommy boy, soon available from Adalbertus!

I have finished painting the figure that I sculpted for Adalbertus yesterday and the figure will be soon available on the market. It will come also as a two figure set with the earlier Adalbertus release of the leaning Tommy figure. Both can be seen on my diorama "Jerry got his!". You can find more info under this link:


Monday, January 28, 2013

Lier Convention 2013

Since it's already official I'd like to announce my this year's second seminar, this time in Lier, Belgium at the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention. The show will take place on December 8th. I will be doing a figure seminar. There will also be a seminar with David Zabrocki and Harry Steen from MXpressions. See you there! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Jerry got his!" diorama - revised and in the gallery

I have updated the gallery with pictures of the "Jerry got his!" diorama that was revised recently. I.e. I have worked a bit more on the suspension, moved the vehicle and figures about 5 cm forward to get the composition balanced in the right way, I also added a bit of gear lying around the vehicle. To see the pictures just click the photo below.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scale Model Challange 2013, more news

The guys from scalemodelfactory don't waste their time and they already updated the data about the show, you may check it under this link,


Monday, January 14, 2013

Tommy boy, Adalbertus, 1/35

The figure of the british/commonwealth/polish soldier that will soon be released by Adalbertus is now casted in light yellow resin. The figure comprises of three parts - the body is a sigle casting, then comes a head option wearing either a steel helmet or a berret.  Now I have prepared it for painting. An update will follow ina  few days. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Alpine Miniatures, US Army tanker #2, Finished

Today's posting shows the figure of the second tanker from the Alpine's excellent set finished. Below you'll find some WiP photos I've made to show painting small details like the armored troops triangle emblem with the use of Vallejo acrylics.
I must say I'm getting more satisffied with achieved results compared to the first US army figures painted months ago.

The figure has this detail sculpted so I first started with a khaki brown primer painting the triangle and rank insignia with a fine 0/5 brush (a mix of Panzer Aces colors no 310 and 337 with a little drop of retarder).

Then a deep yellow shade (no 70.915) from the Model Color range was used mixed with beige...

Then a mix of deep blue shade (Panzer Aces no 309) and white color  (no 315) for the second part of the triclor triangle shape...

The third color- red was a mix of Model Color basic red tone (no 70.947) and deep siena from the Panzer Aces range (no 343).

The last thing to do was to paint the gun barrel inisginia across the triangle (it is visible on the first picture).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alpine Miniatures, US Army tanker #2, 1/35 - WiP

Every diorama project requires as many figures expressing certain gestures as possible. The Alpinie Miniatures US late war tankers figure set came in handy very well for my idea along with the other The Bodi figures I presented in previous months. Today I'd like to show some progress on the second figure from the Alpine tanker set. I nearly completed painting the uniform, there are corrections needed on front side of the jacket, also as you can notice the insignia aren't painted as well as the right glove. I will try to describe the painting process in the nearest future in an article that I'm preparing but with a british soldier figure I recently sculpted for Adalbertus.

Publications, MHobby, January 2013, Bystro, bystro!

The new year starts with good news and straight from Moscow. My Bystro, bystro! article (vignette and figure sculpt) appeared in the most recent issue of  russian modelling magazine MHobby. It is already available on the market. My thanks goes to Roman Volchenkov for giving me the opportunity to introduce my works to russian modellers in published form.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alpine Miniatures, US Army Tanker #1, 1/35

After a short break I'm back on painting the Amerikaeners from Alpine and The Bodi range. Today I'd like to present a tanker from Alpine Miniatures, sculpted by the talented Taesung Harmms. This was a good change instead of sculpting or scratchbuilding model parts. The figure has the finest detail one can imagine for 1/35 figures, relaxed pose and nice folds of the clothes. It was a really pleasure painting it in my traditional "one evening figure painting" style.

BMP-1 - all aboard

I have completed the arrangement of the figures as well as finished the build part of the model - the skirts and tracks are in place. There are total 8 figures aboard the BMP with two crew members. The Spetznaz team is armed with a Dragunov, PKM MG, AKM with silencer and PSO 1 sight, AKM with grenade launcher, and two AKR assault rifles. I'm considering adding a ninth figure the driver but that will be solved later as in case of this figure only the head and shoulder would be visible.
Below a photo from Ossetia, 2008 showing the BMP I'm reffering too.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Scale Model Challange 2013 preview

It's yet more than 9 months until Scale Model Challange 2013 but Robert Crombeecke of SMC team just sent me this beautiful poster made by Marcel du Long for this event and I'm pleased to annouce my participation as a special guest of the show among such renowned miniaturist like Pepa Saavedra, Jose Brito, Fernando Ruiz and Jay Laverty. My seminar will concern scale figures. 
Hoping to meet you there on October 13th 2013.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

BMP-1 Spetznaz Battalion "Vostok", Georgia 2008

This year's going to be prolific, since it yet got started and I already found the time to build a new model - Trumpeter newest BMP-1. The kit is very straightforward - a one evening build I can say (besides the tracks that need cleanup, but this is normal as we speak). The kit comes with some basic PE parts and a turned barrrel for the 73mm recoiles gun, also it has a set of workable click-type tracks. I'm going to build it as one of the "Vostok" battalion vehicles operating in August 2008 in the Russo-Georgian war in South Ossetia. I already started adding the crew and some Spetznaz troops. They will be wearing a variety of russian modern uniforms as well as a variety of weapons - some AKM, PKM machinegun, SVD (the famous Dragunov sniper rifle) and other AK based weapons. I'm going to get the initial shape of the crew completed this evening. There are three more figures to be added. Stay tuned.

FJ sniper w/captured Mosin 91/30, Hermann Goering Div., Bautzen 1945

The new year starts with a new figure sculpt, this time a WW 2 german soldier for a change. While browsing some archive photos I've encoutered one showing Hermann Goering Div. troops carrying captured soviet Mosin sniper rifles. The photo was taken during the last days of the war near Bautzen (polish Budziszyn) in april 1945 when german forces, under the command of the famous panzer commander Hermann von Oppeln-Bronikowski (Army Group Mitte under Feldmarshall Schoerner), conducted a succesful couterattack against troops of the 2nd Polish People's Army led by the incompetent gen. Karol Swierczewski. 
Besides the historical background I thought it to be a nice diversion sculpting a german paratrooper with a captured sniper rifle. The progress is as follows:

Enjoy the process and Happy New year to you all.