Sunday, May 26, 2013

3D printed model - Renault R35 conversion, ETS35 by Niels Henkemans

Hello again. Today I would like to show you another project that I will be starting to work on soon, it is the old Heller Renault R35 kit with two prototype 3D printed update sets from ETS35. Shapeways of Netherlands takes care of the printing part and the design was done by my collegue from Eindhoven, Niels Henkemans, a man who's biggest interest are the prewar French Hotchkiss and Renault tanks, hence the conversion. Niels also designed sets to upgrade the Hotchkiss H35/H39 tanks but lets get back to the R35 conversion.
The first sprue comes with a full running gear update, the bogies can be assembled movable. The details are crisp and of highest technical standard. All you have to do is to wash the sprue from the lubricants that was covered in during the production process and you can start the assembly. CA glue is required here. On this sprue you will also find some parts for updating the bow of the R35 as well as some engine hatches. 

The second set Niels designed recently comprises of a new, fully detailed turret with german modified commanders cupola (split hatch type). The interior is complete including the episcopes, gun breach, coax MG etc. On this sprue you will also find a completely new, fully detailed drivers hatch. The turret comes also with a fully detailed traverse mechanism. 

My projects aims to build a German vehicle operating in Normandy with the 100 Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung that was wiped out during combat with the 82nd and 101st Airborne, many tanks were lost during the La Fiere skirmishes. I also bought a set of Modelkasten tracks, since those from the kit are pretty terrible in appearance. The set comes with a white metal casted drive sprockets. With all these updates it is possible to turn the old Heller kit into a modern state of the art model keeping up to XXIst century standards.

The Mule - Ford Maultier, ICM 1/35, WIP #2

The Mule has been a a demanding subject to focus at. I did more research on it and had to rework the wooden frame for the crago-bed. The rear triangular shaped support should be move one section to the rear. I also did manage to assemble the suspension and test fit the tracks. 
Still some details are to be added, like the bolts to the wooden frame of rhe cargo-bed. I will also rework the Opel sprockets to make them more Ford alike.

Testfitting of the suspension went good and the models starts to resemble a real Ford Maultier with each step. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Mule - Ford Maultier, ICM 1/35, WIP #1

Some months ago, yet in 2012 I purchased the relatively new release from ukrainian ICM brand, a long awaited softskin vehicle, Ford Maultier based on the Ford V 3000 truck used in large quantities by the Reich during World War 2. It must be also said that the Maultier version of this vehicle was the most wide spread version of the Maultier during the war (Opel and Borgward produced their adaptation of the tracked truck programme). I always wanted to build one of these and since Ford is much more prettier than Opel I bought the kit immediately. The problems staerted after initial assembly of the model. It occured that it has many flows despite the easy fit of parts. The rear suspension frame had a wrong shape, the road wheels had a wrong profile resulting the roadwheel would fit into either Modelkasten nor Friul tracks. The fenders of the cab were to bulky, the front wheels to large and to wide. I decided to rework this model, despite realising the amount of work it needs and below you'll find the recent progress pictures. I changed the rear suspension frame for the old italeri Opel Maultier one. The sprockets and idlers were changed for italeri too since the kit ones were to large in diameter. The roadwheels come from Dnepromodel conversion set that corrects the rear frame and suspension flaws. The front wheels are courtesy of Mig Productions. I appreciate a lot their help in this matter. Still a lot do do, especially the detailing of the cab interior and I will also need to rework the cargo bed a bit to enlarge the ground clearance of the cargo bed.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Destination-America, 1945

Months ago, while surfing on the internet I encoutered a nice picture of a group of GMC trucks loaded with Me 163 wingless corpses. I actually had a italeri GMC in my stasth without any special plan for it and this gave me an idea. I made a research and the only available descent kit of the Komet was a old Hasegawa release, 1/32 scale. Although both kits are different  in scale I decided to give it a go and give this project a try. The basic shape of the scene is very simple, just a piece of pavement and a hangar wall with the GMC parked next to the wall. I'm planning to sculpt a group of soldiers tying up the load to the truck and preparing it for further shipment.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In the spolight - Interview, Putty&Paint figure and modelling service

Some time ago Philip Prinz from Putty&Paint asked me for an interview about figure modelling and my own approach to the subject. Recenlty the interview was posted on his web and if you'd like to learn more, please visit the following link by clicking the image below. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Figure Seminar and misc photos, Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska 11-12th May 2013

W ostatni weekend w Warszawie odbył się pierwszy od lat konkurs modelarski z prawdziwego zdarzenia. W hali sportowej gimnazjum na ul. Barskiej 32 w sobotę i niedzielę odbyła się I Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska zorganizowana przez moich kolegów Darka i Damiana Ciesielskich, Marcina Kalbarczyka i Piotra Ostaszewskiego.  Koledzy poprosili mnie o przeprowadzenie warsztatów - pokazu rzeźbienia figur w skali 1/35 oraz zaproponowali mi przewodzenie składowi sędziowskiemu Fiesty. Pokaz odbył się w sobotę o 14.00, mimo początkowej tremy, odbył się bez zakłóceń i mam nadzieje, że podobał się publiczności. Na imprezie wystawionych zostało 340 modeli, dopisali także zwiedzający, szczególnie w niedziele, oraz sprzedawcy (wiele produktów można było kupić w okazyjnych cenach). Pozostaje mi tylko podziękować kolegom za podjęcie i przeprowadzenie tego wspaniałego przedsięwzięcia, które wspieram i będę nadal wspierał. Już teraz w imieniu organizatorów zapraszam na przyszłoroczną, II Warszawską Fiestę Modelarską. Będą również warsztaty, tym razem na temat malowania figur.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

JS 2, finished

I have finished the Stalin tank. This is the old Shanghai Dragon kit from the early 90ties, updated with aftermarket stuff, corrected lower hull (originally it's 1.5 mm to shallow), friul tracks and a bit of other scratchwork.
Next update will consider the figures.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

JS 2, east Germany, april 1945

The Stalin for the Reich on the rocks diorama rolled back on the workbench after a few months onterval.Currently I'm working on weathering, as for now I used Vallejo Pigments, Tamiya Acrylics and Talens Amsterdam series paints. When I will blend the model into the groundwork I will add more damp earth effects and wet effects. The april setting for the diorama will be a after rainfall scenery.