Friday, June 28, 2013

Lend Lease Churchill Mk III, summer/fall 1943, part 3

More work put into weathering process of the Churchill tank. My idea was to create some dust and wet mud effects on the model to simulate a vehicle that run through dusty steppe and then had to make its way through soft ground (this can be often seen during Kursk and post Kursk operations). The mud was done with pigments, plaster, acrylic resin and applied with a brush. Then the ready structure was once again randomly covered with pigments based on Mig. Prod. fixer. The final stage was to add light muddy splashes using Tamiya based earth tones. Progress below.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lend Lease Churchill Mk III, summer/fall 1943, part 2

The Churchill project is shaping up nicely, I have finished initial weathering of the hull and will now proceed with the turret. Later on I will add some pigments and dry and wet mud in places. The acrylic paint based weathering gives much realism due to the micro size of the splashes we can achieve when handle it properly, also adding alckohol to Tamiya paints prevents them from sticking permanently to the surface so you can always add more effects on such prepared weathered surface by stratching the dirt out of the armor etc. I also painted the exhaust in a very worn way, lots of rust there as the cylinders are exposed to weathering conditions and the tank is on the front for couple of weeks. Lifecolors are performing very well, I can lay a thin dilluted layer and work with it when it dries with other colors and this helps the paint to blend perfectly.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lend Lease Churchill Mk III, summer/fall 1943, part 1

New soviet subject on my bench, a AFV Club Churchill Mk III. This is my next practice in mastering weathering with tamiya acrylic paints. The base coat was done with Lifecolor. The tank will be one of the vehicles operating in post Kursk battles on the southern sector of the salient, Kiev direction. Below some pictures showing the progress.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

JS 2 mod. 1944 in the Gallery

I have added more photos of this recently finished model to the gallery, click the image to get redirected.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Mule - Ford Maultier, ICM 1/35, WiP #3

Continuing the adventure with the Mule, I found some time to do a bit of work on this model again. As I noticed, the early vehicles - with round fenders had the triangular cargo bed supporing shape moved to the end of the frame so I reworked this part. As far as I know the layout made by ICM reffers to later production vehicles with flat fenders and small headlamps. But that's my guess coming from observation of wartime photos and the vehicles that still exist today.
I also made cargobed fenders. For this purpous I used thin aluminium sheet. Also the reinforcing ribs were added to the italeri drive sprocket as seen on Ford vehicles (this feature is not present on Opel drive sprockets). I also noticed one flaw of the italeri frame, the idler is moved to far to the back that causes a big gap between the rear bogie and the idler. This is easy to rework just by cutting the idler mount and gluing it vertically. But this is yet to come. 

This is the picture I use for refference for the future figure layout (Panzerwrecks vol. 3)