Monday, December 1, 2014

"Under fire", WiP

I did more progress on the diorama, mostly on the building part. The sidewall was covered in stones made of poliurethan foam painted already with two layers of AMMO primer (one of the better primers I dealt with so far). The front wall was covered in thinned plaster (as you can see i the close-up picture) and awaits further refinements that is needed to smoothen the coarse initial layer. I need to work more on the window and doorway hollows as well. The roof is ready to cover it with either tiles or other kind of sheeting (steel plates maybe). Besides that I also added yet one more figure, to fill the background behind the three kameraden carrying their wounded colleague. The figure depicts a incoming soldier reloading his Mauser with a new clip of rounds. There is still lots to do especially when it comes to the figures, the building will be less complicated comparing to the fachwerk house I did before but I'm gonna spend more time refining it during paintjob process.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Prinz Eugen" troops, WiP

I'm currently working on two first figures for the "Under fire" diorama. Both of these will be wearing the standard Waffen SS camouflage reversible smocks with Platanenmuster in autumn pattern. I just started working on them so just the trousers are ready so far. Next step will be to focus on their gebirgschue these troops were issued with. I decided to split this project into smaller sections in regards to figures so the squad carrying the wounded will be sculpted in the last phase of this project.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Under fire", 7. SS Gebirgs Div. "Prinz Eugen", Bosnia 1942

Just after finishing my latest scene I was eager to get back to this one, since the Hotchkiss was finished almost two years ago I had to give this diorama a go. Some months ago I already made first arrangements of the figures but after all this time I decided to revise the subject a bit. The context is the same as initially planned, a squad from the "Prinz Eugen" division has been given a task to wipe out some partisans in a nearby village, as they entered the settlement they found themselves under enemy fire and one of the men has already been hit and is beeing dragged away by his fellow companions, meanwhile a supporting Hotchkiss and others provide covering fire.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"En route to Berlin" diorama finished

After a long period of time I can finally call this project finished. It was a valuable experience in terms of scratchbuilding, scultping and painting for me. That's the way with each new project and it actually should be that way. The story behind this scene is loosely based on the march route of the SS Sturmbattalion "Charlemagne" in April 1945 that was heading for Berlin to help the forces preparing there for the Soviet attack. In the meantime 2nd Belorussian Front managed to make fast movement to encircle Berlin from the North Western flank. And that's where my story begins. Some French SS troops are being captured by a Red Army recon squad that meets up with one of the IS 2 tanks from the spearheding attacking forces. Two SS men have been shot dead in captivity and the officer, captured later is still alive, being a source of some information of the movement of German forces in the area but probably he won't live to see another day...The construction of the fachwerk house was based on refference found on the internet in regards to the German countryside architecture of the preeceding ages to the XXth century.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the smoker...

This evening's posting is about the last figure for the "En route to Berlin" diorama that I started sculpting two evenings ago. He's more of a executioner type of mugger, holding a smoking barrel Luger in his right hand and MP 40 on one shoulder, just to have his regular PPSh 41 hanging on the other. I wanted to show a person with a bad attitude towards his captive, and no wonder if we consider the inglorious reputation of the Einsatztruppen and other SS units famed expecially for their ruthless actions agains civilians in Poland, Belarus, Russia...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

the dead Frenchmen, part deux

I haven't been posting any updates for a while, beeing unfortunately too busy to do so but this evening I have a chance to update the IS 2 diorama thread. I managed to paint both dead Charlemagne troopers. As usually they were painted with Vallejo acrylics. I tried to make the colors on both figures uniform. I think it's always difficult to depict the natural looks of death and I must say I'm not fully happy with these sculpts but they must do for now. In the meantime I'm dealing with the last figures for this project, another Soviet recon trooper.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the dead Frenchman

And another update for today, this time I managed to finish new figure for the IS 2 diorama, a shot French SS man from the "Charlemagne" Division. As this was a common practice for the Red Army or Allied troops to often shoot captured SS men as the ideological followers of Hitler's orders this will be a right addition to the scene. More to come in this matter.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sherman 105 diorama WiP update

I needed some diversity so I switched for a while from the Stalin tank diorama to add a small detail, that breaks up all the military colors in my Sherman 105 diorama. So here's a blanket painted with acrylics on lead foil that was first folded to the desired shape and then painted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

O modelarstwie w

Całkiem niedawno miałem przyjemność udzielić wywiadu dla weekendowego wydania on-line Gazety Wyborczej, który ukazał się na stronach wydawnictwa w miniony weekend. W wywiadzie opowiedziałem o tym czy modelarstwo może być sztuką, czy ma szanse przetrwania w starciu z nowoczesnymi formami rozrywek oraz o swoich doświadczeniach i dorobku z ostatnich kilku lat. Zapraszam do lektury.,138398,16586417,Modelarstwo_to_jedynie_zabawa_dla_duzych_chlopcow_.html#TRwknd

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fachwerk house in progress

After returning from my two week holidays I already managed to start painting the house. I still have to finish the other side of the stonewall first floor. I already started painting on some moss and grime effects on the lower sections of the stonewall visible on the picture. The roof tiles have been oversprayed with Lifecolor paints already. The most difficult part should be the roof since I want to create many different weathering effects on them. During the holidays I visited Lower Silesia, where the landscape is full of many houses of this type. I brought with me not only nice photos and memories but also new inspirations, new ideas. Constructing miniature buildings is becoming more and more interesting for me so studies are needed to recreate the reality as accurately as possible. 
More progress to follow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It takes time...

It takes time to create something interesting but I'm almost ready with the construction part of the building. I even already started painting the loweR part of the house. Tommorow I'm departing for holidays so a update will follow later on, in late August. Below you can find pictures of the progress.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Approaches to Berlin" dio progress

I'm almost done with the construcion of the fachwerk/stonewall style house for the JS 2 diorama. I used a certain number of Juweela roof tiles. They need a lot of work but the final effect is very pleasing. Soon I'm gonna start painting the building. Below you can find a WiP picture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Market news...

Recently I received a very new product from a new brand called Replikant, based in Spain. The items consist of Schwimmwagen wheels, brand new ones and damaged. The quality of casting and thread pattern, typical for Semperit tyres are both very good. I especially like the bursted tyre. I received 2 complete sets that I'm going to use very soon in one of my projects.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Reload - Sherman 105 figures..

Doing some sculpting nowadays. Early shots of Sherman 105 crew reloading their ammo to be combat ready again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sherman 105 diorama WiP

I was able to make significant progress with this scene over the last few days. The groundwork is done, except some grass. The mud was made with the use of Vallejo Dark Earth textured paste mixed with plaster and static grass to obtain thicker grain of the paste. The it was applied with a spatula and toothpicks. The thick mud lumps were made with slightly dryed leftovers of the putty that I scrubbed of the jar where I was mixing it with plaster and static grass. as you can see there are going to be some scratchbuilt figures, that are now under contruction. More to follow shortly.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sherman 105 w/M8 ammo trailer

I just finished painting and weathering the trailer from New Tiger Model Designs for the Sherman 105. These trailers were often issued for M8 GMC or M7 Priest, they could carry a load of various ammunition ranging from 75 to 105 mm, all packed in tubes or special containers. Having the trailer ready I can proceed with the figures and with placing the tank onto the diorama base. Next step is to finish the assembly and paintjob of a Willys Jeep that will be there as well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alpine Miniatures US BAR gunner figure conversion

I just got back from Dublin, Ireland where I had the pleasure to run two figure sculpting seminars at the IMSS annual show. I will post a short report about the show later on. Now I focused on a quick figure conversion, a new Alpine release - US BAR gunner. The conversion is about changing the gun into a M1919A6 on bipod (late war variant of the famous .30 cal). I will work more on the ammo pouches since the figure has the ones that were designed for BAR gunners and I need to rework them for the ones that were issued to M1 Carbine armed troops. Moreover I decided to rework the trousers sleeves and make gaiters instead. I will hopefully post a sbs about this little conversion project. I'm hoping to be ready with this in the next couple of days. Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

M4A3 Sherman 105 revised

Today I have finished refurbishing my vintage 2009 Sherman 105. The improvments cover adding thinned down lamp guards, 3d printed periscope guards, additional stowage, new side mountings for dustcovers and the excellent Browning .50 and commanders cupola from Tasca kits, repainted hull sides and in general redone weathering.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"En route to Berlin, April 1945, WiP

I have finally finished painting the figures for the IS 2 diorama. Captured SS Charlemagne officer is the last addition to the scene. Now on to the scenery...Still a lot to do there.

Monday, May 5, 2014

"Range finders" update, 2. FJ Div. meets 11. Pz.Div., Kirovograd 1943/44

Final layout of the "Range finders" scene can be seen on the pictures below. I made some research and found the perfect time period for this scene when 2. Falschirmjhager Division was operating together with 11. Panzer Division in the Kirovograd area in late 1943/early 1944. So we have a FJ trooper discussing things with the recon troop of the armored unit their cooperating with along with the tank crew in the background.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Soviet Razvedchik figure, finished 1/35

Having the time and passion for more modelling I finally managed to finish painting the last of the Soviet troop figures for my Approaches to Berlin with IS 2 tank  diorama. The figure was painted in similar colors to the troop commander standing on the IS 2 tank and discussing their position with the tankists. Now on to the Waffen SS camouflage schemes...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Working title "Range finders...", beute T-34/76 w/Schurzen

I was finally able to find some time for modelling so what I did? I figured a layout for one of my latest builds, the German captured T-34/76 with Pzkpfw III mounted Schurzen. The scenery will be rather simple, plain terrain, slightly steep - early 1944, a recon troop in a Schwimmwagen approaches crew of the beute Panzer with some news and scan the horizon for some enemy movement in the nearby area. One of the recon troopers makes his look through his sniper rifle, or maybe aims a bear in the far distance...? I usually try not to complicate too much and use the figures in simple interactions between them. Must say it's a common thing to hear - "how many pointing at something/looking at something figures have you seen! not again!" but the question really is how many GOOD figures in these poses have you seen? There are some simple niunances of human body ofently ommited by modellers while using commercial figures, especially injected plastic. With self made sculpts you have full control of the process from the initial part right up to the end. Some just remember to not be afraid of trying new things, even if you ruin a figure you can always repair it and with more own input you get a more original figure! 
With this scene I plan to add yet one more to accomplish the uneven count of the figures (now there's six buy real life doesn't like symetry) so I will place yet one infantryman there. The passanger of the Schwimm may change a bit since I'm not quite happy with it's actuall pose. Let's see what I can make out of it!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mosonshow 2014 update

This year's edition of the Mosonshow taking place continuosly for the XVIIIth time this year in Hungary in the town of Mosonmagyarovar, close to the Austro-Slovak-Hungarian border was my 5th visit to the show. I always return there with great sentiment. The first edition I ever visited in 2010 was very succesful for me, as a newbie I got the Best of Figure prize and some gold medals too. Back then the prizes were very important to me and still they are a part of the competition. But over the years I changed my point of view and started to put more stress on the events itself than solely the competition part. Last year I was invited to do the judging in master diorama class, and it was a very educational experience to participate in the process and get to know their standards and criteria. This year I was asked to run a sculpting seminar. I'm going to be there with a lecture or workshop next year too. Thanks to the organizers (Andras Egresi and Gergo Szaszko et consortes) the show grows bigger every year attracting visitors even from far away like Los Angeles USA. For me it was a pleasent time, more relaxing because I didn't take part in the competition just done the lecture and enjoyed the weather, good food and company of friends and colleagues. It's good to remember that these events are not only for competition but also or even above everything for meeting up with friends and socializing. Below you can find some pictures my beloved girlfriend Ania and I took during the show. Like I mentioned before I'm gonna perform another seminar next year so feel free to visit the show and meet me there as well as other special guests that will be coming to perform their demos. 

When I came to the workshop rooms, before my demo was to start, from the morning hours Adam Wilder was performing his seminar, seen here with a group of spectators observing what he's doing.

The Spanish master painter Fernando Ruiz Ceano of the Heroes and Villains team. Finally we had the chance to meet up together and chat for a while.

Internationally renowned modeller Chris Jerrett (Canada) perfoming AFV technics demo and Anthony Guarderas from the USA.

Abrams Squad's stand had a display of various models by the very tallented people from around the globe, here a Syrian T-62 done by the very tallented Martin Kovac (Czech Republic).

My Russian friends Andrey Grechkin and Roman Volchenkov.

The whole gang at the award ceremony, awaiting... 

Maestro Pere Pla and Robert Racz (ProModell of Hungary) at the Abrams Squad stand.

Along with Fernando Ruiz came another master painter Jaume Ortiz, he doesn't need introduction I believe, photographed here with Sergiusz Pęczek, polish master modeller

Pere with his wife and Alessandro Bruschi of Auriga Publishing and Anthony with his collection of models he brought with him from LA.