Monday, December 1, 2014

"Under fire", WiP

I did more progress on the diorama, mostly on the building part. The sidewall was covered in stones made of poliurethan foam painted already with two layers of AMMO primer (one of the better primers I dealt with so far). The front wall was covered in thinned plaster (as you can see i the close-up picture) and awaits further refinements that is needed to smoothen the coarse initial layer. I need to work more on the window and doorway hollows as well. The roof is ready to cover it with either tiles or other kind of sheeting (steel plates maybe). Besides that I also added yet one more figure, to fill the background behind the three kameraden carrying their wounded colleague. The figure depicts a incoming soldier reloading his Mauser with a new clip of rounds. There is still lots to do especially when it comes to the figures, the building will be less complicated comparing to the fachwerk house I did before but I'm gonna spend more time refining it during paintjob process.